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Darood Taj

In our daily lives, we recite many different types of blessings (Darood), and each has its own unique virtue. The Darood Taj is particularly significant. Countless esteemed spiritual leaders have continuously recited the Darood e Taj. Reciting it daily brings numerous blessings. If you are facing a problem that you cannot overcome, recite the Darood-e-Taj for three consecutive days after the Isha prayer.

After performing the Isha prayer, recite Durood Ibrahim 11 times and Darood a Taj 7 times. After reciting Durood e Taj 7 times, sit quietly for a while and then pray for the resolution of your problem. Recite Darood Taj once after Fajr and Isha prayers.

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InshaAllah, within three days, your problem will be resolved, or you will find a way out of it. Darood e Taj is recited all around the world. Reciting this Darood leads to an increase in spiritual growth.

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Darood e Taj Benefits

If there is an illness that cannot be diagnosed, one should recite Darood e Taj once daily. After reciting, blow upon the water and have the patient consume it. Drinking this water will grant the person healing. If someone is affected by magic or jinn, they should recite Durood e Taj three times a day for three days – in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

While reciting the Darood Taj pdf format or any other, keep water, oil, and incense sticks in front of you and blow upon them as well. To increase blessings in your sustenance and remove financial constraints, recite Darood-e-Taj once after Asr and Fajr prayers daily.

Darood Taj With Urdu Translation

Darood e Taj is also very beneficial for finding suitable matches for boys and girls. On every Thursday, recite this Darood seven times after the Isha prayer. Insha’Allah, you will soon find a very good match. Darood-e-Taj contains praises of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It describes the blessed physical attributes of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) and mentions numerous other qualities. You can view the Darood a Taj with Urdu translation to understand all these features, or you can download and read it.

According to Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza (Islamic Scholar), you can recite Darood e Taj as a naat (praise of the Prophet), and it is a composition of the scholars. He suggests reciting Durood Sharif (Darood-e-Ibrahim) as a wazifa instead.

It is preferable to recite Darood Taj 12 times daily during the month of Ramadan, and you can arrange the recitation as per your preference. You may choose to recite it 12 times after a single prayer or divide it into smaller parts to recite after each prayer, completing 12 recitations in total. This will bring down Allah’s blessings upon you.

Darood e Taj is in Which Para of Quran?

Durood Taj is not part of the Quran. It is a separate Islamic prayer. The Quran has 30 paras and 114 chapters (surah), but Darood e Taj is not found within its verses. It is an independent prayer.

What are the Benefits of Durood e Taj?

If someone is suffering from an undiagnosed illness, reciting Darood Taj once daily and blowing on water before drinking it can provide healing. Additionally, this practice also offers protection against the effects of magic and jinn.

What is the Importance of Durood in Islam?

We read many Durood in our daily life and every Durood has its own benefits. We should definitely continue reciting Durood, as it not only rewards us with blessings but also eases our difficulties and hardships in life.

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