Nail Cutting Sunnah Way in Islam

Nail Cutting Sunnah

If you are also searching for how to cut nails according to the Sunnah, you will find your answer in today’s article. Today, we are going to discuss the method of nail cutting sunnah in complete detail. We usually cut our nails, but if we do it according to the Sunnah, we will receive a reward without doing any extra work.

In Islam, when we follow the Sunnah of nail cutting, we are following the tradition of our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The Sunnah way of cutting nails starts from the second finger of the right hand (the finger next to the thumb), then goes towards the third, fourth, and fifth fingers. The nail of the right-hand thumb remains uncut. Then we move to the left hand and start from the last finger (opposite to the thumb) and go towards the right side (up to the thumb). Finally, the nail of the right-hand thumb is cut.

Now you understand the Islamic way of cutting nails. Furthermore, you can understand it by looking at the image provided. Whatever I have just explained to you can be easily understood by looking at the image.

Nail Cutting Sunnah

Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) Sunnah of Nail Cutting:

As Muslims, we follow the ways of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), which we call Sunnah. We strive to practice the Sunnah of our Prophet in every small and big task as much as possible. We also follow the Sunnah of nail cutting for this reason and cut our nails according to it.

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has given us 40 days to perform five tasks, one of which is cutting nails. This indicates that it is part of the Sunnah. Hazrat Abdullah bin Umar (RA) used to cut the nails of his hands and feet every Friday.

Nail Cutting Sunnah Days

Although you can cut your nails on any day, it is considered preferable to do so on Friday. It is not necessary to cut your nails every Friday, as some people may get confused and think it is obligatory to cut nails every Friday. You can cut your nails on any Friday when you feel the need, according to nail cutting sunnah. In Sharh-us-Sunnah, cutting nails on Friday is also considered preferable.

On Fridays, people usually perform ghusl (ritual bath), so it is best to clean the nails of the hands and feet before the ghusl. Sometimes, nails can be too short, and cutting them may cause pain; in such cases, you do not need to cut your nails. You should cut your nails when you feel they have grown long enough.

Nail Cutting in Islam Night

You can cut your nails at night as well; there is no harm in doing so. Some people say that nails should not be cut at night, but in Islam, there is no such restriction and you can cut your nails whenever you want during the day or night. However, it is better to avoid cutting nails on Wednesdays.

If someone still cuts their nails on Wednesday, it is not a sin. If someone’s 40th day falls on a Wednesday, they can cut their nails and there is no harm in doing so. Generally, there is no prohibition on cutting nails on any day and a Muslim can cut their nails whenever they wish. However, the better practice is to avoid cutting nails on Wednesdays.

Nail Cutting in Islam on Friday

In Islam, cutting nails on Friday is considered the most preferable. Here, there is a point that some people might not be aware of. Some people think that nails should be cut before the Friday prayer (Jumma), but that is not the case. Although it is not prohibited to cut your nails before the Jumma prayer, it is better to do so after the prayer. Scholars have explained that the reason for this is to allow your nails to participate in the Jumma prayer as well, which is why cutting them after the prayer is considered better.

FAQs about Sunnah way of cutting nails

Where to Throw Cut Nails in Islam?

There is no specific place to throw cut nails. However, it is better to dispose of them on soil where they will naturally decompose. Avoid throwing them in unclean places, such as the bathroom.

Is any Hadith on Cutting Nails on Friday?

Yes, Our Prophet (PBUH) hadith is: “Take a bath on Friday, purify yourself as much as you can (cut the nails, trim the moustache and remove armpit hair.”

Which day to Cut Nails in Islam?

You can cut your nails any day of the week, but cutting nails on Friday is considered the most preferable.

Not Cutting Nails in Islam:

Not cutting nails can lead to constriction in one’s sustenance and eliminate blessings from one’s provision.

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